Blog   7/13/2017

I am greatly humbled and sincerely appreciate the support and reception I have received from listeners likes, dedicated on going fans of my music and my new fans who keep signing up with their e-mails every day . This has greatly added to my motivation to stay on my journey in discovering my musical path.  CD sales have also given me the opportunity to upgrade my recording specifications to 48bit /96KHz floating point DSP levels; this affords me broadcast quality and above recording specifications.  Greater fidelity in my recordings so that I can tailor the formats for better sound quality whether they are in 24bit CD quality or down to MP3 format quality and still maintain the overall sound of my music to my listeners. Besides playing and composing my thoughts, the sound quality is the characteristic that moves the overall creative illusion.   Thank you very much for this opportunity.


W. Horton

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