MP3 vs. Wave file:

The recording aspects of my songs are very important to me; these stories are based very closely to the actual experience. This is the reason I write the songs to begin with plus the fact I love creating a song and playing music. One of the major aspects of recording the music is it has to sound acoustically real which has certain physical and musical characteristics. These days based on the digital domain in the computer but it starts off in the physical world.  The performance of the song and the recording starts off and is reinforced with acoustic elements in the physical environment. When you add aspects to the song with recording based sound effects that take it to the imaginary state, the effects help to illustrate the overall performance of the song and create the overall soundstage of the performance. The recording has certain specifications that have to be in place to sound real. The sound stage illusion is as important as the song itself; it increases the overall sound performance and enhancement of the tune.

Recording Realism

The recording starts out as an acoustical performance recorded with professional grade equipment, (>120”db” dynamic range) microphones, preamplifiers etc. then it goes into an analog to digital converter (ADDA) which starts its’ journey to be transformed into digital computer file with certain characteristics. ( floating point ≥48bit/96KHz.) This format maintains the overall realism of the recording. More digital detail the more realism, the recording sounds like the real event.  The data accounted for this could be greater than 125MB for one five minute song more for DVD. This because of certain standards of the recording industry gets mixed down to CD standards which are 16bit/44100KHz. Which is a ≥50-60MB Wave file per song, which is not bad in itself if you try to keep your recording style clean and to the point. (≥24bit/96KHz) Would be better format specification, for overall realism like a DVD recording but that’s’ another story. But the industry takes this to a low of a MP3 file which is a 5-6MB file which basically sucks the life out of the recording, there is hardly any realism left at this format. They do this to save data space in the internet broadcast world. I wish this was different but I dough its’ going to evolve into anything greater, I wish it would it would be a great improvement in audio, a great gift for musicians and music in general.

To this end I would invite my fans and anyone who likes my music to purchase my music in the CD format. The CD has ten times the realism of the MP3 file format. The songs have greater impact, acoustical performance and realism pertaining to the overall musical soundstage and message of the story. They are available at  The CD package is in a multiple page full color jacket a high quality CD (recording and physical material) all original art work  by me, information, stories, pictures and poems.

DVD standards

To this end I will hopefully be upgrading to the DVD (≥24bit/96KHz) format and adding a video story in stop action original art work to my music to increase the story’s impact and increase the audio performance to surround sound. This will hopefully increase the entertainment aspect of my work and give my fans and future fans more value to their purchase and to my creative output product.

W. Horton

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