Thoughts on an Endless Glide ©2009 W.F. Horton, Multipoint Publishing Inc.

 The living force of the early morning sun, as it slaps your face. A blissful ride on a ribbon of solitude out into the morning brightness. The greeting of the morning dew as it sits on your face and fades into the burn of the first sunlight. A Baptism of experience in what will become of the day, till the sun sets. Reflections of light that only glistens in the early morning. The sound of the wind against the growl of a two cylinder motor that is still waking up to the winter chill. The mechanical heart pumps the sound, the tune echoes into the mist, the perfect sound. The vibrations set a path both physically and spiritually as you glide into an unknown experience. A simple thought who knows but the ability to use simple actions as means of meditation, feeding your spirit is a different matter. A path opens as you sit into the glide, whether its mystic or not is up to your own musings. The opportunity is there in all the physical characteristics of riding and the solitude of your soul in the wind. The actions seem to give you wings as you ride, thoughts rise and meander as currents carry your spirit, and under a blue sky, time seems to stand still. Emotions flood your thoughts as if you use them as a compass and strike out to a point of uncertainty. Life can seem like the weight of a stone when the illusions of existence sometimes make no sense with the actions you are faced with. Like the steel you ride, you forge your life by the actions you take, the mark you leave on your surroundings, your family, your honor. Acting with the right intentions comes with a great deal of anxiety, its unbelievable that such a simple action as a morning ride can refresh your soul. The moments spent in positive thought reinforce your attitude on the actions you take, and as you fade into the sunset your ride continues into the next level, the ribbon of endless time.