A Call in the Distance

By W.F. Horton

©2015 Multipoint Publishing Inc


Echo’s___ ram__dom__ly __  slip into the __the __ tide__

Ripples__ of__ loni_ness __in_ a __place __ they __ hide

Call  in the_distance__ a __ spaceless and __ soundless void

Long __distance__ call__ to my __heart

Emotions _evade __the__ wims__ of __time

Fighting __the__ distance __for what __is __mine

Till __the_ end _of days__ in the _final- point ___of _the haze

I will never__ give up__ the gift__ of my__ days


Call __in_ the__ distance __Long distance call to my heart

Time __slips __ away__ but__ not _to__ fade__ away

Day __ by __day __ keep_ the___ watch

Always ___keep__  the watch__ of_ the_ approaching__ time

For __what__ I do___ I __keep  __ and it ___is_ mine

Sounds __in _the__ distance__ cry __out __to be __heard

A__ journey__ of__ existence__ till_ the__ end

Till __  the end ___of_ days

When__I __can __see __beyond___ the__ haze


 repeat and fade