Cruising Down the Avenue

I guess motor cycles were my first motorized love. But as I moved along in life I just liked fast, great handling cars. I tried many, moving from English then Italian, German and then back to English. I found Jaguar in about 1974, namely a 3.8 liter straight six; what was called a MK II “S” sedan. Without going into all the details I became convinced this car was for me. Great handling, all around comfortable cruising car. A car you never get tired of driving. Given the name “The Lead Sled” because of its tendency of sliding around a turn under power. Needless to say I have driven these cars all my life, now having the last of its breed 1986 XJ-6 4.2 liter sedan. The car took many models but was the same car for over 25 years.

I sit back light a nice cigar put in some good tunes and cruise down the road. I find this very enjoyable, don’t known, don’t care, it makes me feel good. Almost a form of meditation, a simple task to do while I’m thinking about whatever. Life passes by sometimes too fast and to have something to enjoy and make you feel good is actually a blessing, no matter how simple it is. 


Cruising Down the Avenue

©W.F. Horton 11/10/2012

©Multipoint Publishing Inc. 2012

The sky is bright, the air is sweet, my woman is by my side,

And I’m cruising down the Avenue

As we pass on by my cat growls, as I shift into overdrive,

Cruising, cruising down the Avenue,

Down the hi-way the wind is by my side, a sea of solitude,

If the wind could talk it would whisper what I wanted to hear,

We ooze on down the lane

Cruising, cruising down the Avenue,

We travel by day and into the night guided by a distant light,

Our given green destination, high on a hill, and we will see it tonight,

Cruising, cruising down the avenue.